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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Darkfall Unholy Wars new territory featues explained.

Darkfall is a territory control game where clans compete against each other to capture cities, hamlet, villages, and sea towers.  When clan captures multiple holding in the same area they all get connected by "Area of Influence" or AoI.  When clan members are inside AoI they get the benefit of extra income, prowess, gold, loots.  The game is geared toward Kingdom building and large scale battles.  Darkfall has the largest non instanced map of any MMORPG in the market.
Map of Agon

Details on the mechanics Darkfall's Territory Control component and the Levy Collector, integral parts of Darkfall's sandbox philosophy.

More details:

Territories & Regions

All clan territorial objects (cities, hamlets, villages and fortresses) in the world have had a territory painted around them; clans that capture the territorial object now also own the territory around it; Resulting in 108 individual territories throughout Agon; 50 city/hamlet territories, 56 village territories and 2 sea-fortress territories.

Ownership of that territory provides clan members with a set of bonuses related to activities they perform within their territories. These bonuses affect prowess gains, loot quality from harvesting and loot quantity from killing monsters. Each territory provides the same bonus types, in different quantities, as follows:

Bonus Village Hamlet City Fortress
Prowess Gain Increase +1.5% +2.5% +5% +10%
Chance of 'Rare' Harvesting Loot Increase +0.5% +1.5% +2.5% +5%
Monster Loot Increase +1.5% +2.5% +5% +10%
Gold Increase for Monster Loot +2.5% +5% +10% +20%

Members of clans allied to the clan that owns the territory will receive the same bonuses to activities in that territory, at 50% of the magnitude that members of the owner clan would receive.

When a single clan owns two, or more, neighbouring territories (territories that share a common border), these territories effectively merge into a single “region”. Bonuses from each territory in a region stack (sum) and are effective throughout the total combined area of the region; for both members of the owner clan, and members of allied clans.

Clans are still free to own separate territories (or even multiple, disconnected regions), but the bonuses from each territory/region will be isolated to those territories/regions and will not combine with bonuses from other disconnected territories/regions.

Territorial ownership, and political relationships, can be seen by all players, from the world-map (see below). Additionally, when a player enters a territory or region owned by a clan, they will receive a message indicating whose territory they have entered, and if they are welcome there or not; notifications that players have entered their territory are not shown to members of the owner clan.

Levy Collectors

Within each city and hamlet territory, a levy collector has been placed into the world, near to (but outside) the city/hamlet. These collectors generate resources based on player activity in the territory. Each resource generating activity in a territory has a chance to generate an additional copy of the item within the territory’s levy collector. Once full, any player, or party, can requisition the rewards from any levy collector, using a pair of requisition gauntlets and some globules of greed.

Activities that can fill a levy collector include, harvesting (including digging and sea scraping), monster loot (including skinning), village capture and requisitioning rewards, chest loot and fortress capture rewards. The probability of an item being generated in the levy collector is biased towards active sources of rewards (monster killing, for example) over more passive activities (harvesting, for example), and is biased towards rare drops from harvesting activities. This means that if players populate their territory and perform high-yield, active, activities, the collector’s inventory will reflect that, in the quality of the items contained within, on the other hand, if players fill their collector with low-yield, passive, activities, the contained rewards will be equally unrewarding.

In the case of a clan owning a region containing multiple levy collector territories, resources generated in any village or fortress territory of the region have a chance to fill any levy collector in that region; if the activities are within a levy collector’s own territory (a city or hamlet territory), then they will fill that levy collector only.

When a city or hamlet territory is under conquest protection, resources will still be added to its levy collector, but cannot be requisitioned until the conquest protection ends.

Territory Map

The territory overlay can be enabled on the map, when the map is in full-screen mode, using the “political map” overlay toggle button, to the bottom of the left-hand menu bar. When enabled for the 1st time, all territories on the map will be coloured according to the player’s own clan’s political stance towards the clan that owns the territories. When the overlay is enabled and the map is full-screen, a pop-up window will be displayed that contains a list of all the clans that currently own territory in the world. A space is reserved at the top of the window for the clan that currently owns the largest (based on area) collection of territories in Agon. The list of clans is initially sorted into descending order of total territory area, but can be re-sorted using any of the available sort orders in the filter bar (accessed by clicking the “filters toolbar” button at the top of the window); the filters toolbar also contains a text box to filter/search the list of clans, a “collapse all” button (enabled when any list entries are in an expanded state) and a “clear all filters” button (visible when any filters have been selected).

The overlay can remain enabled when the map is not full-screen, and be displayed on the mini-map; but the pop-up window will only be visible when the map is in full-screen mode.

Each entry in the clans list contains information about the total number of territories that clan owns, along with a colour-selector, and button to access the clan’s overview window and view more detailed information about that clan. When the list is expanded (by clicking the “expand” button to the left of the entry, or double-clicking the entry itself) additional information about the total area of the clan’s territories, and a break-down of the specific types of territory (and their total areas), is shown. To collapse an entry, click the “collapse” button (in place of the “expand” button), double-click the entry, or click the “collapse all” button in the filters toolbar.

When no clan is selected in the list, the overlay is operating in “user-defined” mode, and the player is free to select colours (using the colour-selector) for any clan in the list; selected colours are saved for the next time the overlay is used. If the player selects a clan in the list (by clicking the entry), the overlay enters “political stance” mode, where the colours of the clan’s territories are changed to indicate the political relationships between the clans. There are pre-defined colours for each political stance and for the selected clan themselves; in this mode, players cannot select any colours using the colour-selectors, which now display a lock icon. In this mode, an icon is also displayed next to each clan in the list, which shows the political stance. The displayed political stance is always the selected clan’s (the clan with the gold coloured name, green coloured territory, and the shield icon) stance towards the other clans on the map; to view another clan’s stance towards the selected clan, players can change the selection to the clan of interest. A second click on the currently selected clan, will deselect the clan, and return the overlay to “user-defined” mode.

An additional feature of the overlay is the ability to toggle the visibility of individual territories on and off. This is done by single-clicking the map marker for the territorial object within the desired territory (the map markers for cities, hamlets, villages or fortresses). If the overlay is not enabled at the time (no territories are shown on the map) the territory for only the clicked object will be displayed; additional territories can be displayed at the same time by clicking the appropriate map marker. When the overlay is enabled in this manner, all territories will be displayed in a neutral colour, with no fading of borders that are interior to the territories in a single clan’s connected region, and the pop-up window will not be displayed; if the “political map” overlay button (on the left-hand menu) is then clicked, the overlay will fully enable, displaying all territories, with colours, and the pop-up window will appear. When the overlay is enabled, clicking a territorial object’s map marker will hide that object’s territory, and clicking the map marker a second time will display the territory once again.

Double-clicking any city or hamlet map marker will, as before, open the overview window to view more details about that city or hamlet.


How to make Gauntlets

The Materials for the Gauntlets you need for leech the Villages and the Levy Collectors are the
Requisition crystals (required to craft requisition gauntlets) can drop from the following monsters:

  • Kobold Strongman
  • Goblin Warlord
  • Ogre Bully
  • Hobgoblin Officer
  • Black Knight
  • Shadow Knight

All craftable via the engineering skill and needs for example .:

1x Selentine Gauntlet = 50g 2xSelentine Ingots,3xSelentine Cloth,3x Inferior Glyphs, 3 Flawed Prims of Requisition


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Darkfall Introduces Buddy Keys


Bring your buddies to Agon!

Introducing Darkfall Unholy Wars to your friends!

We are happy to announce that as of today, we decided to introduce a Buddy Key scheme for helping your friends to come and try Darkfall Unholy Wars for free for a 2 week trial.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Recruitment program

Every active Darkfall Unholy Wars account in good standing can contact us through our CS siteand claim a set of 3 Unique Buddy keys. Each key can activate a free 2 week trial for a newly registered Darkfall Unholy Wars Account. 

Darkfall Unholy Wars Recruiters:

  • Please click here to contact our CS team in order to claim your Buddy Keys
  • Supply your friends with a key – they will need to register a new Darkfall Unholy Wars game account and contact us through our CS site.

Darkfall Unholy Wars New Recruits:

  • Get in touch with us through our CS site. Note that we will need your Darkfall Unholy Wars Unique buddy key to activate your free trial. Oh, and you need to have registered a new Darkfall Unholy Wars game account, you can do it here.

The Rewards

We know that Recruiting can be a tough business. This is why we have decided to throw in some amazing benefits for players that will be making the Agon family stronger.

Benefits for Darkfall Unholy Wars Recruiters:

For every one of your new Recruits that will follow the call of battle and activate a subscription to the game during their trial period, we will be giving you:

  • 1st Recruit subscribing: 7 days of game time to your Game Account (Recruiter)
  • 2nd Recruit subscribing: 7 days of game time to your Game Account (Recruiter) and an In-game reward bag.
  • 3rd Recruit subscribing: 7 days of game time to your Game Account (Recruiter) and an Ultimate In-game reward bag.

Benefits for Darkfall Unholy Wars New Recruits:

  • Free trial on your brand new game account for 2 weeks of Darkfall Unholy Wars.
  • If you decide to subscribe with us during your trial period, you can purchase the game client and 30 days of game time for only 14.95 €/USD (25% discount).

The rules

  1. To get buddy keys you will need to have an active, unbanned game account for Darkfall Unholy Wars
  2. We will give 3 keys to active accounts. Once your friends are with us, please contact us if you want to renew your buddy keys.
  3. If you post your Buddy Keys in any online location, we will permanent – ban the Recruiter’s game account connected with Keys posted and we will remove the posted keys from our database.
  4. New recruits to DFUW will need to register a new AV account and contact us to give them access for 14 days.
  5. Only AV registered accounts will be able to use buddy keys.
  6. Exploiting buddy keys in any way will result in a permanent ban of accounts involved.
  7. The buddy key program is subject to change based on your feedback and our active monitoring of the scheme.

Darkfall vision, direction, and immediate plans released

Vision, direction, and immediate plans



Today with this communication we hope to make the community a part of our vision, direction and immediate development plans for Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Direction is a critical issue for the game and the development team, and it has been a hotly debated topic within the community. Compromises have been made along the way; however we are committed to our original vision of a politically and economically driven sandbox PvP MMO, where risk dictates the reward, leading to meaningful massive battles. Sandbox is part of our culture and, to us, it’s the essence of gaming, rather than a current industry trend.

To realign with our vision, we have evolved our internal structure and workflow, and we have our development strategy to guide us back on track. We are also committed to our interaction and communication with the community since our players are an integral part of our vision.

To that end, we are pleased to present the major features from our next few updates:

Custom Roles

Drawing from Darkfall’s heritage we are introducing custom roles. Players can mix and match skills, boosters, and perks, to fully customize their combat role, enhancing sandbox character development. Armor sits on top of the whole system, affecting different skills in different ways, but blocking none. The endless combinations promote player freedom and the open ended experience. The introduction of Custom roles is our highest priority; expect to see them in game very soon.

Economy Rebalance

The driving force behind meaningful conflict and combat is a robust economy. We have been going over every monster, resource node and recipe. Additionally, new higher tier tools as well as special nodes are being introduced, along with more variation in recipes. These changes are coming in waves; expect to see them in most of our upcoming patches. The next step in the economy rebalance is enchanting; once custom roles are launched, enchanting will follow.

Siege Engines

A highly requested feature, siege engines have been on our backlog for a while. Proper catapults, siege towers, battering rams and siege ladders are in the works and their introduction will change the face of sieging. These engines are driven across terrain, and need to be positioned properly following a realistic medieval approach to their design and operation. This feature, currently in the design pipeline, will become our development focus right after custom roles have been implemented.

Quest System

Aimed mainly at improving our new player experience, quests will also provide content for all players. Darkfall lore is reintroduced through engaging storylines to help new players learn the ropes and explore the world. For experienced players, quests offer meaningful rewards like unlockable perks. This is a resource demanding system we’re already working on, so we’ll keep you updated on its progress.

These four systems are our major development goals, along with various other smaller ones, such as improvements to the feel and responsiveness of combat, additional improvements to the new player experience, and more. Overall, we aim to move away from features that are not consistent with our sandbox vision. A very specific example: we are rethinking timed events and the purpose of safe zones, and we are experimenting with meaningful alignment system setups.

As a philosophy, we will always challenge our development decisions against our sandbox strategy and decisively move forward with making Darkfall the game it’s meant to be.

The Darkfall Team

Follow up here:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burning Embers Rumble Tournament FINALS "the unforgettable"

Burning Embers Rumble was organized by the developers of Darkfall from Aventurine S.A. The tourney lasted for seven days (Saturday April 05 - Saturday April 12) with four bouts every day. Battles took place from 17:00-21:00 GMT for the EU server, and 23:00-03:00 GMT for the NA server.

World top 64 FPS MMORPG #eSports warriors from EU and North American server participated. Here was the EU and NA tournament brackets.  It is now my pleasure to link you the finale of this ultra competitive tournament with a dramatic ending. Thanks to Diana Swift and The Krush for these excellent video that were recorded over last 7 days. Enjoy these great fights and make sure you share this amazing finals with any friends of yours who love PvP, eSports.

NA Server Final match

Marothis Darkmoon vs Beautiful Disaster

EU Server Final match

Elazu Latlande vs Qweasd Haylando


BONUS Footage!

Darkfall's creator/project lead General Tasos Flambouras takes on the Champions!  How many game company in the world can claim that their founding fathers can challenge the very best?

NA Champion vs Tasos Flambouras


EU Champion vs Tasos Flambouras

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Darkfall April 2014 Newsletter from Aventurine SA

We got the following newsletter from Aventurine regarding exciting update that are released on April, 2014. Enjoy :-) Patch Notes March 19  Patch Notes April 7th
Territory Control
In our upcoming patch, Darkfall Unholy Wars takes a massive step towards the endgame via exciting new territory-control features, as we refocus

on our sandbox PvP and massive-battles heritage.
Check out our new video and find out how territory control is changing the face of the game.
Territory ownership taps into Darkfall Unholy Wars' strategic and political potential and will be the driving force of massive battles to gain control over highly contested areas. These sandbox features are based on the implementation of large, complex, scalable systems we will continuously expand on. Your feedback on the territory ownership features is extremely valuable to us and we are committed to reacting swiftly to your reports to make any necessary adjustments and improvements.
Here is what we have in store for you in next week's patch:
New Features
Areas of Influence
Areas of Influence

You have caught glimpses of them in our Facebook posts and our developers have shared some details about how they

work. Essentially, this is the basis of the whole territory control system. All control points that can be captured (holdings, villages and sea

fortresses) have an area attached to them and the clan that owns the control point is considered the owner of the area of influence around it as well. On

its own, this system offers a visual element to the map so that anyone can have an overview of what and how many territories are owned by which clans. Its

true potential lies in the features that are tied to it.

Area Bonuses
Each area offers a set of buffs to clan members and allies of the owning clan, who operate within the area of influence. These buffs have to do with

prowess generation rates, rare item drop chances from harvesting and monster-killing as well as gold generation. These buffs stack in the case of connected

areas, so expanding your territory by conquering neighboring ones will yield the best results.

Levy Collector
Levy Collector

A form of taxation on generated resources in a clan's area of influence is another feature that next week's patch brings.
Resources generated in an area will also fill up the levy collector of that area. While this is a taxation mechanic conceptually, no resources are

actually deprived from the harvester or monster-killer. Instead, there is a chance for extra resources to be generated and placed in the levy collector

Normal harvesting and monster-killing, as well as village requisitioning are actions that generate these extra resources at this point. While filling up,

the collector cannot be interacted with by anyone. It's important to note here that while the Levy collector building is close to a clan holding (cities

and hamlets), it does not technically belong to it.
Because of this it cannot be damaged and it does not need to be built like other clan buildings. Once it is full with resources, the structure becomes

available for requisitioning. The requisitioning mechanic is exactly the same as the one that is used for villages. The same rules apply and you will still

need a requisitioning gauntlet as well as globules of greed. The fill progress of all levy collectors is displayed on the map for all to see but since it

is player activity based, there is no timer.

Feat Window and Feats
Feat Window and Feats

We have also shared images of the new feat window. Redesigning this element is part of an ongoing process of improving our GUI elements with availability

of information and intuitiveness in mind. Additionally we are introducing a first round of PvE repeatable feats to serve as daily and weekly goals for

players of all experience levels.
Other Features

Loot Adjustments, New Masks & Other
Loot Adjustments, New Masks & Other

Additionally, this patch features some loot adjustments for some of our top tier monsters, new masks and various bug fixes and tweaks. We will be sharing

the patch notes with you on patch day so stand by for specifics.
©2014 Aventurine SA All rights Reserved. Aventurine and Darkfall Trademarks are registered trademarks of Aventurine SA in the U.S., EU and/or other countries.
All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Aventurine SA Address information: Sofokli Venizelou 26, Likovrisi, 14123, GREECE.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Burning Embers Rumble - The Cull

Burning Embers Rumble - The Cull  tournament summary happening in North American Server brought to you by The Krush from

Tournament Promotion

[DFUW] NA Burning Embers Rumble - The Cull - Day 4